Music Videos

something's up - 2022

My latest music video- an overwhelming and fast paced trip through a paranoia induced nightmare- with funny cats!

all i know - 2022

"all i know" is a about a surreal drive in the desert. Produced in blender in about one and a half weeks.

This video sprung into my brain almost fully realized shortly after I had written the song. Conceptually, this is one of my most complete works.

shuteye - 2021

Shuteye was part of an album release of mine. It's meant as a conceptual sequel to awashed, both expoloring themes of escapism. It was made in Blender. 

This video was produced with intent to experiment with simple but effective visual tricks.

awashed - 2020

This music video was made for one of my own songs in around a week and a half. All CG work was produced in Blender.

This was the first music video I had created for myself, using some of my early music. 

Mlia - 2020

This was a commissioned work, completed in around a week and a half while I was still in college.

All CG work was produced in Blender, and was my first music video.